The importance of Hotfrog reports

“Intelligence”, a very widely used word in enterprise talk but one that very few people understand and apply properly. 

Although Intelligence has been used throughout history mainly to refer to the information gathered by spies regarding enemies, today, Intelligence is the discipline that uses various data-mining techniques to extract knowledge from data in order to make better decisions.  

In today’s environment, small business owners have higher expectations of faster returns on investment made in the short and long term. Intense competition,  the need to adapt to changes in the demographic mix, and the appearance of demanding consumers that voice their opinions on online directories and social media channels,  are also factors that make understanding data about our businesses very important. Analytics can help you identify which customers are the most profitable and which incentives are likely to entice them to buy more products. Hotfrog has designed your profile’s analytic reporting tools with all these objectives in mind.

Hotfrog’s reporting tools

Hotfrog’s reporting tools give you the data you need to monitor the current pulse of your Hotfrog profile.  Easy to use and understand, you can find your Hotfrog reports as soon as you access your profile’s dashboard. Click on the second tab in the top part of your dashboard and you will be taken to the Reporting section.

A drop-down menu will allow you to select the period of time you want to narrow your report down to, from 7 days to up to 12 months.

Hotfrog gathers information pertaining to the selected period on the number of times your profile has been viewed and the number of enquiries that resulted from those views, and produces two graphs: 

Views of your profile

This graph details the de number of visitors that have visited your Hotfrog profile. It also provides: 
  • A breakdown of visits received by pages, helping you understand which of your pages are raising more interest amongst your customers, and which might require you to add additional and interesting content. 
  • A comparison of the number of views you receive with the average of views received by businesses with similar characteristics and keywords to yours.  
  • A lineal graph that will help you visualise your weekly traffic to your Hotfrog profile over the specified period of time. 
  • A chart with a breakdown of the pages that are receiving the most views.

Enquiries from your profile

This graph shows the number of enquiries that have been made by potential customers after visiting your Hotfrog profile by breaking the enquiries in two different actions: 

a) Customers who have sent you an email directly from your Hotfrog profile.

b) Customers who have clicked on your website link on your Hotfrog profile to visit your website. 

This section also provides information on: 

  • The number of enquiries your profile has received in the specified period of time compared to the average number of enquiries received by businesses with similar characteristics and keywords to yours. 
  • A lineal graph that will help you visualise your weekly number of enquiries from your Hotfrog profile towards your business (in the form of emails sent to you or clicks to your business website) over the specified period of time.

An additional chart in your reporting page also highlights your Top performers: 

1. Top pages –  This section showcases the pages that have received the larger number of visitors, indicating the specific number of arrivals and the trend compared to an earlier period of time. 

2. Top keywords – Here you will find a list of some of the keywords you had previously selected for your Hotfrog profile displayed from the most to least successful. The chart also compares the performance of your keywords to that of other businesses which have selected the same keywords. You can see which business received the most page views from a keyword you have also selected for your profile, offering some helpful insights as to how other businesses in your industry are using keywords to their advantage and learn from them. The chart doesn't list who is getting the most views, just how many views the top performers get. This is also a helpful reminder to add more content, e.g. products/service article, relating to the keywords from which you are not receiving as many views as your competitors.

3. Your views  - This section shows you how many times a particular keyword search lead people to view your profile. 

Hotfrog collects the visitor data for you to help you determine potential customers’ behaviour patterns. Also, Hotfrog reporting tools  helps you identify which type of content is generating views to your profile and which ones need to be improved to attract the ideal customer to your door. Be sure to use them, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


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