How to add product and service information

The more content you add to your profile about your business and your products and services, the more likely it is it you will be found by potential customers looking for what you offer.

Hotfrog has unlimited product and service information uploads, so make the most of your profile and include as much detail as possible to give people a clear picture of your business. Remember you can edit and remove these pages or details at any time to keep your profile interesting for when customers visit again.

To add or edit product and service information to your profile, login to the dashboard via the 'Login' link in the top right hand corner of any Hotfrog page. Enter your email address and password and you're ready to add and edit content.

Adding product and service information

Scroll down to the 'Products and services' box then click on 'Add your products and services'. This takes you to the Hotfrog page where you can add products and services in six easy steps.

1. Select from Product or Service

From the drop down menu decide whether you're describing a product or a service.

2. Product or service name

This name shows up in your profile as the title of your page. Be sure to include the name of your product or service and one or two keywords to describe it. For example, 'Tailor-made Men's Suit by In Trend Fashion'.

3. Image of your product or service

An image will make your page more appealing to potential customers looking at your profile and will encourage people to contact you about the item listed.

4. Describe your product or service

This is your chance to really sell your product or service. Write two or three simple paragraphs describing its key benefits. Repeat the keyword/s you used in the title throughout this description at least four times, especially in the opening line and paragraph.

5. Select keywords to describe this product or service

Choose from a list of keywords you have already included in your profile which best describe the product or service you are adding. Simply click on the best keywords and they will appear in the box named 'Your keywords'. For more tips about keywords, see How to add relevant keywords to your profile.

6. Summarise the key benefits of your product or service (in up to 20 words)

Use one or two sentences to sum up the product or service for potential customers. Keep it short and remember to include your keywords.

Check your page and once you're happy with it, click 'Submit'.

Editing product and service information

Scroll down to the 'Products and services' box then click 'Edit' to change pages you have already added to your profile. Simply click on the title to start editing, or 'Remove' to delete the page altogether.

Once your edits are completed, click 'Submit' to save the changes.

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