Selecting relevant keywords

Using the right keywords will make a great difference in how many Hotfrog searchers find your business and its products and services.

Maximise your profile's reach by selecting keywords not only for your business, but also for the individual products and services you offer.

The easiest way to determine relevant keywords is to consider your business, products and services from your customers' point of view. Which words would they use to search for your business? Consider specific terms, such as keywords describing individual products and services, as well as the broader terms your customers may consider for your business or the industry you serve.

Use multiple examples

When customers are searching for your business or products and services online, they won't all choose the same search word. So it's really important you select a range of relevant keywords to make sure you reach as many potential customers as you can.

A good example would be if customers are searching online for a bakery they might use keywords such as "muffins", "cookies", "biscuits", "rolls", "cupcakes", "bread", "cakes", "birthday cakes", "specialty cakes" or "wedding cakes".

Consider some broader keywords and phrases customers might think of - think outside the box. When do people need cakes and bakery items? Perhaps when they are planning a party or a wedding so try adding "parties", "weddings" or "catering" to your keywords so those party planners searching online can come across your profile.

Another good tip is, don't try to cram every single keyword relevant to your entire business into the profile. Going with the bakery example above, there would be no point including the keywords "icing", "candles" or "flour". These sort of irrelevant keywords won't help people to find your business, so it helps to ask yourself, what words would you type in, if looking for your business?

Tips for selecting the right keywords

1. Add both general names for products as well as specific brand and product names, including popular variations or shortenings of product names. This will give you a greater chance of people finding you online.

2. Enter just one version of each keyword. (For example, enter "cakes" or "cake.") You needn't enter both singular and plurals forms of your keywords.

3. Hotfrog knows where people are searching and displays results within that geographic area so there is no need to use any location keywords.

4. Double-check the spelling of all keywords. If you have spelt keywords incorrectly people won't be able to find your business. When your keywords are reviewed by Hotfrog if they are misspelled they may be deleted from your profile or product and service information so check and check again.

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