The Ideal Hotfrog profile

A successful Hotfrog profile works as a one-stop information hub for your business so customers can easily find you online. Here are some simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your Hotfrog profile.

Make sure your profile is attracting people to your business by focusing on a few key things. First, be sure to include complete and correct contact details in your Hotfrog profile - and update them when there are any changes in your business. If a person can't get in touch with your business, you've missed out on a possible customer.

Show all your business contact details (phone, street address, fax and website URL) in your profile. Including your business street address means Hotfrog can display a Google map on your company page. And remember to add a few contact methods so searchers can get in touch in the way they like best.

The second profile tip is to have a correct description which gives people plenty of information about your business (history, location, areas served, etc.), as well as the products and services you provide.

This description will be one of the most viewed sections of your Hotfrog profile. Whenever anyone searches for businesses like yours on a search engine website (e.g., Google or Bing), or on Hotfrog, they will see the first sentence or two of your Hotfrog business description in the search results - so make it sing! Full details of the description can be seen on the profile's Hotfrog homepage, as well as the profile's description tab.

Choose interesting images to showcase your business and products or services. Images allow people to see examples of your products and services, so they have a better idea of what your business provides. Changing these images often keeps your profile fresh and gives people up-to-date information about your business.

Another useful tip is to upload well-written articles about your business regularly. The more content your profile has, the better its search engine optimisation (SEO), and the more likely it is to come up in search results - both on Hotfrog and other search engines. Your product and service information forms the basis of your profile, helping people find out more about your offerings before they contact your business.

Choose your keywords carefully because they will not only affect where your business profile appears on the Hotfrog site, but will also help people searching for the products and services your business provides find you.

The different payment methods you accept, varying hours of operation throughout the year and vouchers for new products and services are all tools you can use to keep people updated about your business. You could share a promotional voucher with searchers who find you via Hotfrog - or create a new special Hotfrog offer altogether!

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