What's included in a Hotfrog profile?

Make your business stand out online with Hotfrog, the free online directory featuring more than 66 million* businesses across 32 countries around the world.

Your Hotfrog profile operates as a constant sales tool, sending sales opportunities and enquiries directly to your business. Search engines index Hotfrog profiles. So when your customers use Google, Yahoo!, Bing or other search engines they are able to find your Hotfrog profile.

Hotfrog is available online 24 hours a day from any computer and Hotfrog encourages businesses to add the latest news and information about their products and services to their profile to keep things interesting.

The Hotfrog profile recipe

By including the following 'ingredients' your Hotfrog profile will attract potential customers to your business:

Contact details - add your business name, street or postal address, phone, fax and business email. This information means customers can contact you using the way that suits them. You can update any part of your profile at any time.

Website - link to your business URL in your profile and track the number of Hotfrog searchers who clicked on your website with your profile's dashboard.

Business summary - write a business description with information about your business, its locations, type of customers you serve and the products and services you offer. For more information read How to write a great business description.

Keywords - these words tell Hotfrog where to list your business in the search results, so think them through carefully. To help you, we've put together some information about how to select keywords.

Content - Hotfrog allows businesses to upload unlimited product and service information and populate your profile with interesting content. Add articles or fact sheets about the products and services you offer. The more content pages you add, the more likely it is potential customers searching for the products and services you offer will find you. Learn more by reading How to add and edit product and service information.

Payment options - list the different ways customers can pay for your products and services.

Images - promote your business and show customers what you offer by adding images of your business, products and services.

Opening hours - tell customers when your business is open.

Coupons - use this feature to add unlimited coupons for sales and special offers.

Track your results - use the Hotfrog dashboard to see how many people visited your profile, how many leads and emails were sent to you via Hotfrog and how often your coupons and product and services pages are looked at. The dashboard also lists your top pages and includes information on how to get more people checking your profile.

Edit - all the information in your Hotfrog profile can be edited at any time, so check it regularly to make sure it is up to date.

What are you waiting for? Get started and update your profile now to be found on Hotfrog.

*Correct as of end October 2010

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